128​ - There’s No Right Way To Do A Wrong Thing - John Laurito

128​ – There’s No Right Way To Do A Wrong Thing

One of my favorite topics that might cover more than just one episode, so make sure you come back to check out the other episodes.

So for today’s episode, I wanted to talk about integrity in the business, organization, or in a team.

As a leader, you will face situations where your people may do something that’s against the code of ethics or not aligned with your company values.

Simply put, something that’s out of integrity. As a leader, it is your responsibility and obligation to send the right message to your team with your actions.

Don’t handle it behind closed doors because you are going to regret it one day, trust me.


[0:00] Intro

[1:18] November 2010 tragic story

[5:16] Blockbuster video and how they earned

[10:19] Here’s an extreme example

[13:01] One time in my career that bothered me

[17:25] Integrity is important!

[17:56] Outro

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