132​ - Leading for the Long Term with Jay Allred - John Laurito

132​ – Leading for the Long Term with Jay Allred

I am very excited to have Jay Allred in today’s episode.

He is the President of Source Media Properties, which includes three local news sites, a full-service digital marketing agency, and an artificial intelligence startup. He runs a local news organization which is very different from most media organizations you’ve seen. He has built it based on values and this approach has proven successful. Make sure to stay tuned if you’re interested to learn how Jay did it.

Jay Allred is an entrepreneurial and creative executive with over fifteen years of experience successfully selling to high-level executives/owners while managing both small and large teams. Jay is a consistent revenue producer with exceptional skills in prospecting, qualifying, and closing new customers. He is an engaging and articulate person with highly trained listening skills. Exceptional record of earning profitable new business and retaining it through top-drawer customer service. Respected leader who builds teams based upon fairness and clear expectations. Highly professional, yet accessible.

Richland Source: https://www.richlandsource.com/

Source Members: https://www.sourcemembers.com/

Source Brand Solutions: http://sourcebrandsolutions.com/


[0:00] Intro

[2:26] All about Richland Source

[6:58] The risk that this local media took and the astonishing result

[8:27] Did they ever second guess their decisions?

[11:41] The role of the leader in building a value-driven team

[15:38] How the team protects their culture

[22:13] Journalism WITH you vs. TO you

[27:07] Complicating the Narrative [36:01] The changes in the media industry [43:36] A dark time for local media

[47:12] Well worn path

[48:16] The importance of stepping back as a leader

[52:20] Where to find more of Jay and his company?

[54:36] Outro

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