136​ - Are You Preparing Your Team? - John Laurito

136​ – Are You Preparing Your Team?

Successful teams aren’t multiples better than other teams, but they are just a little bit better in a LOT of areas.

It’s your role as a leader to create that environment where members are prepared and trained for what may happen outside the office.

So if you are leading a team, ask yourself if you’re doing anything to develop them. And if you are, is it enough to help them get results?


[0:00] Intro

[0:36] Guess what? I’m in a kickball league

[4:57] Are you preparing your team for different scenarios that may happen in the real world

[6:50] What happens when leaders create a healthy level of anxiety

[8:44] As a leader, what are you doing to create an environment that develops your team members?

[9:59] Are you doing enough? Is it paying off?

[10:55] Outro

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