139​ - Leading Through Others With Kim Parker - John Laurito

139​ – Leading Through Others With Kim Parker

Today’s episode is very insightful and inspiring as John Laurito talks to the Chief Administrative Officer at Applied Insight, Kim Parker. They spoke about the importance of communication, creating culture and values, developing leaders, and leading through other people. If you are a leader, whether new or tenured, this episode is perfect for you.

Kim Parker has well over 20 years of experience supporting the Government Contracting Industry in Policy, Functional Development, Change Management, and Integration and Leadership. As the CAO at Applied Insight, she developed and currently leads the Program Administration Center of Excellence (PACE) Team, which leverages various support functions to allow AI Program and Proposal Execution to out-“PACE” the competition. Her leadership philosophy is “pay it forward” to recognize those who supported her throughout her career and set her on many paths towards achieving her goals.


[0:00] Intro

[1:57] A little bit about Kim Parker, what she’s done and what she does now

[2:59] From a leadership standpoint, what’s Kim’s biggest challenge?

[4:40] The culture after a merger

[6:52] Beginning with the end in mind

[8:11] Let’s dive deeper into the culture

[10:47] Leading leaders to lead and the importance of communication

[13:6] How to lead through other people

[16:46] Delegation, trust, and accountability

[18:40] What is TOO much?

[19:50] Skip level leadership and tread carefully in an open-door relationship

[23:59] Influencers and mentors

[29:11] Keys to great communication

[33:54] For early leaders, here’s Kim’s advice

[35:33] Outro

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