143​ - Leadership Lessons From My Trip To Taiwan - John Laurito

143​ – Leadership Lessons From My Trip To Taiwan

About three years ago, John Laurito was invited to give a speech in Taiwan when he encountered what could have been a disastrous turn of events.

Somehow he managed to keep his cool and eventually made it to the venue, clothes and all, and gave an excellent speech. While in Taiwan, he couldn’t help but notice a couple of cool things that turned into great leadership takeaways.

Make sure you stay tuned to how Taiwan’s leadership is something to be inspired from.


[0:00] Intro

[0:23] Quick personal update

[0:55] Sharing an experience traveling to Taiwan for a speech

[8:34] The initial plan had it not gone well

[9:31] Taiwan was REALLY clean

[11:36] Leadership lesson

[12:14] Crime rates are LOW

[13:36] The leader owns the culture

[14:52] Tomorrow’s Leader is coming out soon

[15:10] Outro

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