145​ - What's Your Hula Pie? - John Laurito

145​ – What’s Your Hula Pie?

As promised, here’s another episode from host John Laurito’s trip from Hawaii.

This time, it has something to do with Hula Pie, and no, this is no endorsement episode. Instead, John raises a very important question: as a business, what is your Hula Pie?

What product or service do you have that is unique and sticks out so much that people talk about it for years and years?


[0:00] Intro

[0:35] Quick backstory over Hula Pie that’s drool-worthy

[2:39] How is this related to businesses

[3:44] “Different is better than better.” – Lisa Larder

[5:08] Think out of the box

[6:47] Outro

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