146​ - You're Better at Adapting Than You Think - John Laurito

146​ – You’re Better at Adapting Than You Think

Here’s another short but thought-provoking episode from John Laurito.

One of the things that scare humans the most is change, and unfortunately, change is the only constant in this world. Most of the time, fear stems from the mindset that we are incapable of coping.

But today’s episode will prove you wrong because the human body and brain are built to adapt. As a leader, don’t underestimate people’s adaptability to change. More often than not, a supportive environment and a strong culture are the only things your people may need to cope with the changes.


[0:00] Intro

[1:40] The concept of adaptability

[4:27] Your body and brain are unbelievable

[7:04] A great example during the pandemic

[9:27] What decisions are you delaying because you are concerned about people’s adaptability?

[11:36] Call to action: self-check

[12:10] Outro

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