147​ - Know Your Competitive Advantage - John Laurito

147​ – Know Your Competitive Advantage

How well trained are your people to answer fundamental questions about your products or services? As a leader, you have to ensure that your team is brilliant at answering the most basic questions about your company or business, or organization. Always find time to check on your team, do role play, ask them questions, and refresh their knowledge. Because if your people fail to deliver, it’s going to cost you, clients. In today’s episode, host John Laurito shares an experience with a sales rep from a well-known company selling him a costly sound system and how this sales rep lost this particular sale.


[0:00] Intro

[0:36] Ted Talk update

[1:45] Tomorrow’s Leader is coming out very soon

[2:41] John’s experience with a sales rep at Bose

[11:06] A leader’s job is to ensure that their people are brilliant at and knows the basic

[11:46] Prepare your people

[12:48] Outro

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