150​ - Remove The Bottleneck - John Laurito

150​ – Remove The Bottleneck

Today, host John Laurito delivers an actionable episode all about the effects of bottlenecks. As a leader, make sure that you can recognize bottlenecks in your business, organization, or company. You also need to realize that any form of bottleneck will cost you money and create an unsatisfactory customer experience. Make it a habit to ask customers or clients for their feedback and opinion regarding your services or processes. Of course, implement changes right away, and you’ll notice a huge difference.


[0:00] Intro

[0:26] Quick backstory

[2:15] Where the problem lies

[3:57] A couple of aha moments

[5:59] Make those short-term investments for long-term gains

[6:31] What happens when the bottleneck is a person?

[8:14] Think of your organization as a car…

[10:36] John’s book and TED talk update

[110:6] Outro

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