151​ - You're Aiming For The Wrong Goal - John Laurito

151​ – You’re Aiming For The Wrong Goal

Today, host John Laurito talks about a situation most would find themselves in, whether it’s in a business setting or personal life. It’s when you’re shooting for the wrong goal. Make sure you ask yourself this: is what you’re doing aligned with what you’re trying to accomplish? If not, change your goal, re-focus, and re-establish your goal. The sooner you’ll change your direction, the sooner you’ll get back to chasing your dreams correctly.


[0:00] Intro

[0:46] Backstory to this episode

[3:21] The point of this story that ties into today’s episode

[4:05] Some examples in the business industry

[6:06] A lot of people are focused on the wrong goal

[10:02] The good and the bad

[11:42] Progress over perfection

[12:27] Outro

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