Tomorrow’s Leader | Book by John Laurito


How The Best Leaders Become Better In A Fast-Changing World

Everything you need to know to apply leadership to your own life.

Reading About Leadership Is Good

But Following A Game Plan To Apply
Leadership Is Great

You can learn about the principles of effective leadership by listening to podcasts, watching videos, and reading books by amazing and inspiring leaders.

But being a great leader isn’t like riding a bike.

Unless you implement what you learn, you will forget.

In Tomorrow’s Leader you’ll discover:

How to define and develop your own leadership style

How to set and achieve goals

How to consistently improve your decision-making

How to use different leadership styles for a variety of situations and people

How to effectively lead high performance teams

How to meet challenging times and cope with crisis

How to inspire people from diverse backgrounds to unite

How to follow a game plan to actually apply leadership principles in your life—even if you don’t have a “leadership title”

“John brings leadership to life in this book. He balances concepts with real life experiences and leaves you ready to take action!”
Jeff Draper, Vice President, Fidelity Investments

Meet John Laurito, Leadership Expert

Laurito developed his leadership skills throughout a 20-plus-year career in positions at Concord Wealth Management, the Boston Agency of Penn Mutual Life Company, and Ameriprise Financial, where he earned status as a turnaround agent.

Today, he has earned an international reputation, teaching leadership to standing-room-only workshops and in private coaching sessions worldwide.

"John's book instantly resonated with me because of how he was able to simplify such a challenging subject. His carefully ordered lists of do's and don't-do's provided me with a much clearer perspective of good leadership, as well as bad leadership. It is always difficult applying things you've learned to the real world, but John's book shows you the steps you need to take, and the personal experiences that he includes give you the confidence to get started on your path."
Jackson Aube, NCSU Business Administration

Tomorrow's Leader presents simple, actionable steps that anyone can follow.

Find your leadership style.
Grow your influence.
Make a phenomenal difference.

You may discover that tomorrow's leader is you!

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