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Leadership Keynote Topics

The 3% Advantage: Small Steps Top Leaders Take that Create Massive Results

Best Audience: Leaders that want to scale their organization or lead larger organizations

Why are some leaders overwhelmed and buried in day-to-day minutia, and others seem to almost effortlessly generate massive results in much less time?

Most leaders fall short of their potential because they overlook the minor elements that create major impact.

This keynote focuses on how to find, and zero in on, the 3% that makes the other 97% happen. Be prepared to be enlightened, entertained, challenged, and inspired to take action.

Tomorrow’s Leader: 6 Keys to Becoming a Transformational Leader

Best Audience: Leaders that are looking to expand and increase their influence and impact

Is there someone along your path that influenced you in a way that has had lifelong positive effects?

Transactional leaders focus on the “hands and the feet” while transformational leaders tap into the “head and the heart”. They change the way we think and feel about ourselves and they inspire a new set of beliefs and confidence in our own abilities. The result? Leaders that transform organizations and the world around them.

In this keynote, learn the 6 essential keys to increasing your influence, impact, and inspiring massive change.

The Essential Steps to Creating a Winning Culture

Best Audience: Small business owners to CEOs leading large organizations

The most successful organizations in the world attract and retain top talent. There is an unmistakable uniqueness to their culture. It is one of high expectations and accountability, teamwork and trust, and a deep connection and alignment to the vision.

This keynote will take you through the critical components to building a winning organization. From removing the barriers that hold organizations back to creating new systems and strategies to fuel new levels of growth, attendees will leave with a new “lens” to view their organization and essential steps to spark change.

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"You knocked it out of the park. It was such a treat to be with you. I have page after page of notes that I am transcribing and referencing back to your book. You are a Leader's Leader. Thanks so much for making this such a success… you were one of the best speakers we’ve ever had."
Ron Price
Senior VP, American National Insurance Company

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