Looking for Leadership Training for Executives?

Leadership Training for Executives

The greatest of leaders influence the Head and the Heart.

Don’t have much time?

Attract top candidates

Develop top employees

Retain top leaders

As a leader, are you focusing on
the hands and feet?

You want to be a transformational leader—to mold your team into becoming a better leader than you—even if it means learning through making mistakes.

But you feel pulled to be a transactional leader because of the pressure of meeting quota.

What is a leader to do?

Become a difference-maker.

As a leader, your goal is not to create a crowd of followers. Your goal is to create a group of leaders. And you’ll know you’ve achieved your goal when you’re not there and your team is still capable of greatness.

Question is—are you managing for an immediate outcome or leading for growth?

Benefit from 20+ years of
hands-on leadership experience.

John and the John Laurito Group utilize only the most accomplished leaders with an average of over 20+ years of hands-on leadership experience.

And because you and your team have different needs, we supply a variety of topics and delivery methods to meet those needs.
“We recently had John complete leadership and business management training for our group practice at Ameriprise. He has the unique skillset needed to help unify very different individuals around common values to help develop a core vision. We are very excited to execute on the action steps from our sessions and move our practice to the next level.”
Christopher Heiser
Partner, Laurel Oak Wealth Management
“Had our team workshop last week with John. Awesome energy in the room provided by John. He helped our group focus on our vision and motivate everyone to be the best they can be. I feel this workshop has helped me become a better leader and provided the tools I need to grow our team.”
Robert Andreacchio
Partner, Laurel Oak Wealth Management

How much does
leadership training cost?

Here’s the plain and honest truth.

Individual Coaching

Individual and ongoing coaching to work through a Leadership Individual Development Plan and provide real time guidance.
$750-3,000 per month

Virtual Leadership Development

Leadership skills taught in a 60-120 min modules. Designed for medium to large audiences to learn concepts, strategies and tactics and how to best apply them for traction and results.
5-10k per module

Deep Dive Workshop

Half day or full day workshops to dive deep on 1 to 3 areas. Interactive and highly actionable.
7,500-10k virtual
10-20k in person

Leadership LABs

Think “flight simulator”. Real life leadership scenarios where leaders put their skills to the test. Small groups typically.
Varies based on length and size of group

Leadership Masterminds

Facilitated study group with group discussion and involvement around timely issues. Peer to peer input.
Usually added on as part of other programs. Price varies.

Subscription Based Learning

Taped leadership development programs …coming soon!


Tomorrow’s Leader: The 5 keys to Becoming Highly Effective in a Changing World
The 3% Advantage: Small Steps Top Leaders Take that Create Massive Change
15k-20k in person
7,500-10k virtual

If you want to be a professional basketball player, would you stay with the same coach you had in high school?

No.... why?

Because that coach can only take you as far as their high school experience.

You need a coach with NBA experience.

And the more in-depth you go with that coach, the better your results.

Leadership for long-term gain.

The strength of any team is in their combined genius.

Receive the training you need to develop your team so they are empowered and ready to handle anything that comes their way—even when you’re not there.

Is your organization growing faster than you?

Lead a larger organization more confidently with these 5 essential skills.