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168- Form your own opinion

Today’s episode is something that host John Laurito wants to share directly to leaders. Whether you’re being promoted, forming a new team, or taking over an old one, this message is for you. Understand that there is danger in relying too much on the feedback and opinion of the previous leader or anyone aside from yourself. Make sure you take on your new role and face your new team with an open mind and not with a clouded judgment. This is going to be a fascinating (and quick) episode, so make sure you stay tuned.

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The dangers of underleading episode 162 John Laurito Tomorrow's Leader Podcast

162 – Dangers Of Underleading

After multiple discussions with leaders, host John Laurito has noticed that many struggle with over-leading and underleading. However, between the two, it’s underleading that produces

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156 – Being Present

If you’ve been a listener of this podcast, you’d know that host John Laurito loves to connect leadership lessons to real-life events. Today is no

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