354 - 3 Questions To Help You Prioritize Better - John Laurito
Episode 354 3 Questions To Help You Prioritize Better Tomorrow's Leader Podcast with John Laurito

354 – 3 Questions To Help You Prioritize Better

In today’s episode, host John Laurito delves into the topic of prioritization and shares valuable insights on improving this essential skill. By effectively prioritizing your workload, you can experience various benefits, such as reduced stress levels, enhanced time management, and increased productivity. He also shares three questions you can ask yourself that can help you become better at it. By regularly asking yourself these three questions when assessing your workload, you’ll be able to improve your prioritization skills. You’ll gain a clearer understanding of which tasks deserve your immediate attention and can make more informed decisions about where to invest your time and energy.

[0:00] Intro

[1:00] What do you do on weekends?

[4:30] What brings the greatest mental reward?

[5:44] What helps make the other things happen?

[6:21] What brings the longest-term reward?

[7:50] So here’s what John did…

[10:35] Outro

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John: Over the last two decades, I’ve been in an insatiable quest to learn everything I can about leadership, what makes the best leaders so good after running companies small and large over the last 20 years. Today, I speak on stages all across the world to audiences who are interested in that same question.


John: My name’s John Laurito, I’m your host, and I invite you to join me on this journey as we explore this very topic and what makes the best leader so good. Welcome to Tomorrow’s leader. All right. Welcome to today’s episode of Tomorrow’s Leader. Thank you for joining me again today. Uh, I love weekends. I gotta say that I just, I really enjoy weekends.


John: I love the work week too. I mean, I find that I work a lot on weekends as well, and I do it out of passion. I love it. The stuff I do on the weekends. The work that I do on weekends is usually the stuff I enjoy doing. Uh, so it doesn’t necessarily feel like work, but. I dunno about you, but my weekends get packed.


John: Uh, I’m, I’m a very active person. I like a lot of things going on in my life. I like, uh, socializing. I just enjoy, I. Doing a lot of stuff. I’m a doer. I know most of you are also doers too many of you are, many of you are not, does matter. Whatever. You have your, your kind of way of living life. And for me, I like to pack a lot into a course of a weekend, a day, whatever it is.


John: So most weekends I’ve got just a lot of stuff going on. Um, And I had a great Father’s day. I hope you did too, for all those fathers that are out there. I went kayaking with my kids. Um, I had brunch with my family and then I went golfing with my son and my father. And by the way, I’ve been told, I say the word golf very strangely.


John: So I’m gonna try and say this golf. Golf. Golf, to me, that doesn’t, I don’t feel like I’m saying it wrong, but everybody picks on me for that. So they say, I say golf. I don’t think I said golf. I think I said golf. Golf. So anyway, um, I went golfing, uh, and, um, had a blast. So it was a terrific day.


John: Uh, but I had a, um, I had a half day of free time this weekend where I had nothing on my calendar, and I’m thinking, okay, well what do I do? There’s so many possibilities. There’s so many possibilities. A full half day of just nothing on the schedule to do whatever way I want, do whatever I want to do.


John: Sky’s the limit and. I know you’re like me. You’ve got your, your intention is there. You want to do whatever. You wanna get stuff done. I tend to deprioritize all the house stuff that I’ve gotta do, and I get backed up on all that. So I’m thinking to myself, okay, I got a lot of housework projects, all kinds of stuff I can do.


John: Uh, that’s one. The other is I could go to the gym. That’s also, uh, an option. I can do podcasting. That’s an option. I can also work in my home office. I’ve got some stuff I’m not totally complete with my home office, so I’ve got a few more things that I’m working on doing and getting that set up. So I’m thinking to myself, okay, I’ve really got lots of possibilities and lots of options there, or a bunch of other stuff.


John: And it really came down to asking three questions. And I wanna give these to you because I think sometimes for those of you who are like me, where you tend to, um, sometimes when you do have those moments or blocks of time or days where you have the intention of getting so much done, you either. Uh, don’t get anything done because you end up, you know, whatever.


John: Um, or you kind of just don’t get the right things done and you don’t feel great at the end of the day, and you feel like, okay, I kind of wasted this opportunity that I had to really do what I wanted to do or do the things that were important. Whatever. It’s so, I was thinking about this, uh, during, during that day, and I had three questions that came to mind and I just wrote ’em down.


John: I actually wrote these three questions down, not with the intention of this becoming a podcast, but I figured after the day ended, I’m like, okay, this will actually be. Valuable. Um, so I ask three questions. One is, which of these tasks will give me the greatest mental reward? So what will I feel best about?


John: What will put me in the best mental state? And the reason I say that is, so much comes down to our mental state. So if there’s something that I can do that puts me in a great mental state, it not only impacts that. But it also has this carry forward effect, everything else that I’m gonna be doing. So if one of those will affect my mental state better or more so than the others, then that should be something I strongly consider in determining and prioritizing what it is I wanna get done.


John: Because again, sometimes you’re looking at your list of to-dos and you get 10 of them, five of them, three of ’em, 30 of ’em, whatever. And it’s hard to figure out where to start. In this case, I had four. Kind of big things that were most, you know, highest up on my list of choices. Um, you know, the gym, podcasting, uh, home office or doing the random projects around the house.


John: So the first question was, what brings the greatest. Mental reward. Um, the second one is what helps make, is there anything on this list that helps make the other things happen? You’ve heard me talk about the 3% that makes the other 97% happen. If you can find something that actually makes it easier to do the other things.


John: Then do that thing, do that 3%, that makes the other 97% happen. That is an incredibly effective, valuable rule or tool or resource that’s all about leverage. So thinking through those four items, was there something on that list that if I did that it would actually, in some way or another, help make the other things easier?


John: And then the third question is, what brings the longest term reward? So all of them would bring a short-term feeling of accomplishment, but some of them might bring a long-term reward, happiness, peace of mind, productivity, whatever it is, uh, enjoyment, pleasure, whatever. And is there some long-term reward?


John: And if so, which one of these brings the longest or largest long-term reward? So again, here’s those three questions. Which one of these gives the greatest mental reward? That to me is probably most important because everything starts with how you feel up here and what your mindset is. And if you can get yourself into a great state of mind.


John: That takes care of so much. So much of the challenging things you have in the course of your day, you will deal with so much better because you’re in a great state of mind. So is there something on your list that will put yourself in a great state of mind? Maybe it’s writing in your journal, maybe it’s meditating.


John: Maybe it’s spending time with your kids or your family or your loved one. Maybe it’s walking your dog. Whatever it is, if there’s something that will put you in a better state of mind, put a much higher priority on that because it will affect so many other things. That’s question one. Question two is, what helps?


John: Is there something here that helps make the other things a little bit easier, or does it just have a natural ripple effect on the other things? And then third is what brings the longest uh, or the best or greatest long-term reward mentally, physically. Financially, whatever the case may be. So here’s what I came up with.


John: My priority, because of those three questions, was the gym. I did that first. It gave me the greatest, put me in the best mental state to be able to do the other things. Um, it gave me a great mental reward. It helped make the other things happen. Now, long term is one workout really gonna provide that much of a long term benefit.


John: No. So maybe that question would not be satisfied as much as the other items on the list. The gym went right up to number one. I did that first. Podcasting always makes me feel better when I do it. I enjoy doing it. I love doing it. So it puts me in a great mental state. Um, it doesn’t necessarily help me do the other things, so I couldn’t say yes to that.


John: Does it bring long-term reward? Maybe. Maybe this episode. Who knows, it goes viral. Maybe this is the episode that just propels tomorrow’s leader to the next level of podcasts. Who knows? That’s your decision, not mine. Uh, so that, I can’t say, but it certainly puts me in a great mental state. Um, The home office now here was interesting because does that put me in a great mental state?


John: Uh, maybe a better one. You know, doing that stuff. Um, does it help me do other things? It can, if my office is set up the right way, if it’s more pleasurable, I can be more productive. Does that have a long-term reward? Yeah. You know what, actually it does. Uh, it does because. I do it once. I spend the time, I invest the time, energy into getting my office set up the right way and finishing the office, and, and that will bring every day I’m in here, that will bring more and more reward, right?


John: Every day it brings me happiness. I’ve already set up my office. I got my brick wall, I got my cool desk, I got all this stuff set up. It brings me a certain level of happiness and peace of mind every day that I come in here. I just enjoy being here. So, uh, But again, I started with the gym. Second thing I went to was a podcast, which I think was valuable.


John: Um, and those became the first two things on my list. So, uh, no, I did not get the office stuff done, but that’s okay. I did the other stuff and I felt good about it. It was great. Great decisions and I thought those three questions were extremely valuable to make my day great. And I hope you can take those to help your day become great.


John: So here’s to be more productive and a big part of that is prioritizing. So. Uh, let me know what you think. Hopefully that, uh, gives you some good stuff. Get the wheels turning, help make tomorrow a better day or today, even a better day. I’m interested in your feedback and your thoughts. Let me know if it did.


John: In the meantime, thanks for joining today. As always, like, share, subscribe, go down below, give a five star review, and. I will see you next time. Thanks. Bye. Thanks for joining us on today’s episode of Tomorrow’s Leader. For suggestions or inquiries about having me at your next event or personal coaching, reach me at john@johnlaurito.com. Thanks, lead on!

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