104 - Changing The World Through Leadership with Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan - John Laurito

104 – Changing The World Through Leadership with Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan

“You save a life of a child, you save generations.” – Dr. Jordan

Our guest for today is the first African-American female pediatric surgeon in the country and today, she shares how she leads as a surgeon and an educator.

We talked about her how she leads herself and others in the surgical field.

I really enjoyed this episode and I learned so much from Dr. Andrea and I am sure you will too.

Who is Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan?

She is a professor of pediatric surgery and surgical oncology at the University of North Carolina Children’s Hospital. She is the Surgeon-in-Chief of the UNC Children’s Hospital and the division chief of pediatric surgery at UNC.

She has a basic science laboratory that focuses on rare sarcomas and also maintains clinical research efforts.

She is nationally and internationally known for her work pioneering an operation known as HIPEC for children.

How to connect with Dr. Andrea?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AHayesJordan

[0:00] Intro

[1:49] Guest intro and Dr. Andrea’s background story

[4:30] On working with kids and kids with cancer

[10:13] It’s easier to connect the dots looking backward

[14:0] The number of lives saved

[16:44] Splitting time between teaching and surgeries

[18:21] On being an educator

[19:47] Toughest part of the role: time

[21:32] What makes someone tomorrow’s leader?

[25:28] Acknowledging your blind spots

[28:58] On viewing, navigating, and leading through change

[34:5] Risk-taking as a leader

[36:29] Swimming on unchartered waters: Dr. Jordan’s journey

[39:40] Words of wisdom from Dr. Jordan

[41:20] Where to find Dr. Andrea Hayes Jordan

[42:18] Outro

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