110 - 10 BIG Lessons From 2020 - John Laurito

Before anything else, Happy New Year everybody.

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I am beyond excited to kickstart 2021 with all of you. 2020 was such a very different (crazy) year and I really hope it’s the ONLY crazy year we’ll ever have.

Despite the madness that is 2020, it has been a great year for many of us. Tune in and join me as I share the top 10 things that I learned in 2020 and how it made that year, the best for some of us.

[0:00] Intro

[1:27] #1 The leaders that pivoted “quickly” did better overall

[2:48] #2 We tend to change “faster” than we give ourselves credit to

[3:43] #3 Leadership starts with YOU

[4:30] #4 Know-it-all leaders are long gone

[5:28] #5 Communication is crucial

[7:26] #6 Do what makes you happy

[10:06] #7 People who grew will think 2020 was great for them

[11:28] #8 Get out there, take a chance, and lead

[12:49] #9 Step outside your comfort zone

[15:31] #10 Don’t stay on a path simply because it’s what you know

[17:35] Outro

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