114 - The Pivotal Moment In Coaching - John Laurito

114 – The Pivotal Moment In Coaching

Coaching is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

I feel for the leaders who had or are having a hard time coaching others because I did too.

I had to be coached in order to effectively coach others. So in today’s episode, I share a coaching experience I recently did with my son.

But unlike the coaching sessions I did before, this was me teaching my son how to drive a stick shift.

That experience made me realize how important it is for leaders to pause and think through each and every step to be successful at something. Stay tuned and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this episode.


[0:00] Intro

[0:23] One of the most challenging parts of leadership

[1:38] Here’s a quick example of me coaching someone

[5:32] The 4 different competency levels — make sure you write this down

[8:33] Leaders don’t take a step back

[10:36] You need to get the “feel” for things

[12:50] The key to helping your mentee succeed

[14:54] It’s important for leaders to do the task

[17:54] Episode wrap up

[18:54] Outro

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