117 - Living In Alignment with Lauri Andreacchio - John Laurito

117 – Living In Alignment with Lauri Andreacchio

When you lead yourself effectively, it will make leading others easier. The first step in doing this is to live in alignment and my guest for today is an expert on that.

Lauri Andreacchio is the host of Off the Mat as well as a Yogini and teacher. We talked about the visualization/relaxation techniques that Lauri studied and mastered to help her stay calm during stressful situations. More importantly, we talked about the power of living in alignment, what it means and why it’s important. Make sure you stay tuned.

More about Lauri:

Ever since she was a kid, she has always loved creating things, being creative, and being active.

She was very independent — her famous words were “I can do it myself!”; Even if she really couldn’t. Her interests were diverse and she was always looking for creativity, variety, beauty & joy in life.

As an adult, started her own design/sign company. She discovered Yoga and was hooked! Naturally, she wanted to share what was helping her so much, so she got her first certification and began teaching. She was doing her best to live “from the heart” and help others along the way.

A few months after giving birth to her second child, she underwent emergency open-heart surgery to repair a deteriorated mitral valve. Thanks to family and friends’ support, she was able to get through the crisis. Utilizing lots of deep breathing, visualization, alternative medicine, etc., she began to heal. She now continues to live a life of service to others.

Where to find Lauri Andreacchio:

Website: https://www.lauriandreacchio.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/kalisoulartandyoga/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KaliSoulArtandYoga/

Off the Mat: https://www.lauriandreacchio.com/off-the-mat

[0:00] Intro

[2:10] When Lauri was first introduced to the concept of living in alignment

[6:09] On practicing breathing techniques to achieve calmness

[9:05] Mindfulness — what is it?

[11:40] The effects of social media on alignment

[13:39] What is living in alignment?

[15:40] Taking a breath, literally

[20:55] Great tip when speaking in public

[24:23] How to slow your mind down?

[26:46] Lauri and her yoga practice

[31:01] On encouraging others to do yoga

[34:24] The birth of Off the Mat

[37:38] “If it doesn’t make you smile, why do it?”

[39:23] Final words of wisdom

[42:27] Outro

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