120 - Being Obsessed With Your Clients With Crystal Herring - John Laurito

120 – Being Obsessed With Your Clients With Crystal Herring

I love having business owners as guests in this podcast especially those that have pivoted their way through the pandemic. Today is no different and I’m certain you are going to love this episode.

Crystal Herring and her husband owns CrossFit Contrivance and while there are quite a few CrossFit businesses around their area, theirs is one of the most successful ones.

We talk about how she navigated the business during the pandemic, how to build a winning team, the importance of transparency, the power of community, and how to lead through uncertainty, just to name a few.

I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this episode and don’t forget to check out CrossFit Contrivance.

More about Crystal:

  • Experienced professional with a demonstrated background working in the financial services industry.
  • Strong business development, financial services, specifically client service in the boutique advisory sector.
  • A successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry.

Where to find Crystal Herring and her business:


[0:00] Intro

[2:02] What is CrossFit and the community around it?

[3:20] How is CrossFit different from a regular gym

[4:49] On CrossFit being intimidating but has a good retention rate

[8:40] How Crystal started with CrossFit and her biggest learning when she opened the business

[13:21] “Build people and the people will help build your business.”

[14:60] Biggest leadership challenge and how to attract great people?

[18:16] On building a tight-knit community

[19:29] Taking setbacks personally and letting go of those who aren’t a good fit

[22:19] Their obsession with their clients is the reason for their success

[26:60] On building a winning team and showing your expectations from the onset

[29:60] Navigating through the pandemic and being transparent

[37:60] Crystal’s vision

[39:22] Where to find Crystal and her company

[40:06] One-piece of advice from Crystal

[41:28] Outro

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