138​ - Manager Versus Leader - John Laurito

In this episode, John Laurito, the host of Tomorrow’s Leader talks about the massive difference between leading and managing. Most would easily interchange these terms and roles without realizing that each holds very different responsibilities.

As a business owner, do your leaders have the ability and competence to take your company where you want it to go? Because if they don’t, you need to figure something out and invest in your people. Make sure your leaders stay as leaders, and they don’t turn into managers.



[0:00] Intro

[0:25] Let’s talk about the difference between managing and leading

[2:31] What does a leader do? [2:55] What concerns a manager?

[4:36] Transformational leaders vs. transactional leaders

[5:26] The importance of 1%

[6:22] Subordinates vs. followers

[7:36] Leadership abilities matter in reaching a company’s potential

[8:50] Final thoughts

[9:36] Outro

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