#152 - Where Are You Going? - John Laurito

Today, host John Laurito shares his excitement over his first in-person speaking gig since the pandemic started. More importantly, he shares a vital lesson about ensuring that everyone in your team, company, business, or family knows and understands where you are heading. He has seen this multiple times wherein members aren’t aligned with the company’s goal and direction. As a leader, make sure that you can cast a powerful and clear vision, and find time to make sure that you and your team members are on the same page. Once you accomplish this, processes and even changes will move smoother than if they were different.


[0:00] Intro

[0:25] John’s first in-person speaking engagement in a long time since the pandemic

[1:14] Building the foundation, figure out the process, people, and roles, and figure out how to sustain your growth

[2:44] What John finds out most of the time, hint: lack of clarity

[3:57] Get your teams together and do this exercise

[5:53] Redefine your company or business goals and direction

[6:50] Outro

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