153 - Going the Distance with Scott Wells - John Laurito

153 – Going the Distance with Scott Wells

Today’s episode is an exciting one because host John Laurito sits down (in person) with an ultra-elite marathoner, mountain biker, and Ironman finisher. Scott Wells talks about how we found his love for running and now a passion for mountain biking. He takes us through one of the most exhausting races he has done and how he managed to finish the race despite the numerous times that he wanted to give up. If you’re interested in running or biking, tune in, and you’ll find this enjoyable.


[0:00] Intro

[1:20] When did Scott get involved in running, and did running came easy for him?

[3:51] Let’s talk about a full or half Ironman marathon

[5:58] Nutrition during the race and before the race

[8:29] The race Scott and his wife did

[11:00] Marathon vs. mountain bike race

[14:20] On joining his first marathon

[17:46] On doing a 100-mile race on pavement

[34:00] Mental exhaustion

[37:17] The overwhelming feeling of seeing the finish line

[39:00] Your confidence builds up after doing the race

[40:16] What’s next for Scott

[41:54] Best advice from Scott

[43:14] Outro

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