154 - How Leaders Make Amazing Companies with David Duvall - John Laurito

154 – How Leaders Make Amazing Companies with David Duvall

This is such a great episode as host John Laurito talks to David Duvall of Duvall & Co. and Hologic Inc. He really is the epitome of great leadership and entrepreneurship. It started with John as a customer of Duvall & Co., and if you want to see a clip of the desk that David created for John, you need to check the Youtube version of this episode. David’s story is inspiring and shows us that things can happen if you keep fueling your passion and continue moving forward despite all adversities.

David Duvall is a son of an army officer and school teacher so he grew up all over the world. He has lived in four different countries and eight different states in the US. Currently, he works in Biotech with Hologic Inc. in the commercial division leading a team of 30 people. 20 years leading at different levels in both pharmaceutical and oncology diagnostics. He and his wife started a custom furniture company out of their garage nearly 10 years ago that is now recognized as one of the leading custom furniture companies in North Carolina (the world capital of furniture) and valued at over $1 million. They have a growing social media fan base of nearly 10,000 followers and have been featured on HGTV multiple times. He is leading a team of four full-time craftsmen in the design and manufacturing of high-end furniture.

Find David and his wife Dani at https://duvallco.com/


[0:00] Intro

[2:28] How David Duvall started with his furniture building business

[6:06] Duvall & Co. and different charity organizations

[8:13] The leadership and entrepreneurial skills to run a Duvall & Co.

[12:59] The culture of inclusivity and transparency

[19:23] David’s role in Hologic Inc. and the culture he built there

[21:17] The most significant difference in leading two different kinds of companies

[26:47] Leadership and empathy

[29:42] David’s mission or purpose as a leader

[36:11] Picking up after the pandemic

[40:16] The value of having your wife as a business partner

[45:16] John’s experience and perspective as David’s customer

[47:23] Want to get your own customized tables or any furniture? Check out Duvall & Co.

[48:07] The tables have turned (no pun intended), David asked John a great question

[50:28] Outro

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