156 - Being Present - John Laurito

156 – Being Present

If you’ve been a listener of this podcast, you’d know that host John Laurito loves to connect leadership lessons to real-life events. Today is no different. He talks about a recent golf game with his dad where he caught himself not being present mentally. He challenges his listeners to try hard to put themselves truly in the present, and they’ll see how much they can build a relationship and get value from being in that moment. Do this daily and be conscious of where your mind wanders because being present is a skill that needs constant practice.


[0:00] Intro

[1:21] John having fun with this podcast

[2:00] Where does John come up with his episode content?

[3:16] Context for today’s episode

[6:11] Getting caught up with the past or future that we forget to live in the now

[7:41] Singling out your senses

[10:12] Key takeaway

[11:59] Being present takes a lot of practice

[14:01] Outro


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