158 - Leading Life with Karl Bobo - John Laurito

158 – Leading Life with Karl Bobo

In business and life, can one really become the best of both worlds? In today’s episode, host John Laurito chats with Karl Bobo, the Regional Vice President of the West with Lincoln Investment. Karl is a multidimensional person who lives a balanced business and personal life. Apart from sharing great leadership wisdom, he also talks about what it takes to have a successful marriage while running a successful business.

As a Waddell & Reed leadership team member, Karl is dedicated to developing field leaders and helping financial advisors leverage their strengths and experiences to build successful practices. He approaches every day eager to serve as a mentor to both new and seasoned financial advisors. He is prepared to provide the knowledge and resources to take their practice to the next level; and committed to building an office that demonstrates the collective passion we share for our clients and our community.

To learn more about Karl and his work, or if you want to reach out to him, send him a message on his LinkedIn profile here.


[0:00] Intro

[0:43] Live workshop presentation and the Italian Station Pastry Cafe

[5:45] Paying it forward made their customers feel good and, as a bonus, allowed the business to make more money

[7:10] An interesting social experiment

[9:35] Outro


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