162 - Dangers Of Underleading - John Laurito

After multiple discussions with leaders, host John Laurito has noticed that many struggle with over-leading and underleading. However, between the two, it’s underleading that produces far more consequences than the former. John also shares that micromanaging, being lazy, and over-assessing people’s abilities are some of the reasons why leaders tend to underlead. So, in any event, it’s best to overlead your team than to underlead; tune in to find out why.


[0:00] Intro

[0:51] Quick backstory at how John failed with a newly assigned task

[5:49] What happens when you underlead

[7:49] As a leader, provide the right direction

[9:01] Why do people underlead?

[11:20] How to assess someone’s readiness for a specific task

[14:30] The consequence of underleading

[15:20] Outro

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