164 - Leading Beyond Your Team with Paul Haines - John Laurito

164 – Leading Beyond Your Team with Paul Haines

Here’s another great interview with someone that host John Laurito is super impressed with. Paul Haines has spent some time working in finance and has worked with different organizations. He moved further up the ladder and is now the Regional Vice President at Midwest, Lincoln Investment. John and Paul talk about the traits of a leader, the importance of intentional leadership, and so much more!

Connect with Paul Haines at https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulmhaines/


[0:00] Intro

[1:14] The most important traits of leaders

[5:06] How to be a leader?

[7:17] Developing high-level of ownership in the team

[12:01] Leading through massive changes

[14:34] How to get into a leadership role?

[19:16] How leadership impacts someone outside of the work setting?

[23:50] On feeling stuck and the golden ticket analogy

[30:26] Key takeaway

[33:59] Where to find Paul and connect with him?

[34:32] Outro

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