The Dangers of Diffusion of Responsibility - John Laurito

The Dangers of Diffusion of Responsibility

Diffusion of responsibility is dangerous. 

Plane crashes have occurred because of this. Crimes that should have been stopped were allowed to continue because of it, too. Not to mention the havoc it often creates within organizations of all sizes. This diffusion is pervasive throughout our personal lives as well as our professional leadership roles. 

It’s your job as a leader to tackle it. Find out how in today’s episode.

Show notes:

[0:00] Intro

[0:54] Today’s story for context

[2:16] A common problem in business: diffusion of responsibility

[4:35] What situations in business or in your personal life does diffusion of responsibility come up?

[6:56] Think of how this affects your organization

[10:21] Episode wrap up   

[11:04] Outro

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