106 - Keep Coming Back with Jennifer Rodriguez - John Laurito

106 – Keep Coming Back with Jennifer Rodriguez

I love to have business owners in the podcast talk about how they navigate their business throughout the pandemic.

t’s very refreshing and inspiring to hear how they thrive and grow during a time that most owners are throwing in the towel.

Today we are joined by Jennifer Rodriguez who is the owner of Think Holistic Fitness. A semi-private “women only” training facility that will help you achieve your personal goal of improved health, body appearance, or physical fitness.

Jennifer’s journey is simply filled with motivation, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Make sure you visit her website: https://www.thinkholisticfitness.com/

[0:00] Intro

[2:02] Where and how things started for Jennifer

[5:57] Experiencing pain, how the passion for music went away, and rehabilitating herself

[10:41] On starting her journey in physical fitness, finding herself and what she really wanted to do

[14:56] Who she loves working with

[20:51] Jennifer’s thoughts on anxiety

[24:45] On taking smaller goals and slowly working their way to big wins

[26:43] “The scale messes with people”

[29:14] Her business during the pandemic

[35:52] What is great leadership for Jennifer

[39:48] The vision for Think Holistic Fitness

[40:23] Where to find Jennifer

[41:18] What Jennifer does in a nutshell

[43:14] “Don’t wait for the perfect time”

[44:23] Outro

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