105 - Looking Ahead With Gratefulness - Transcription - John Laurito

105 – Looking Ahead With Gratefulness – Transcription

John (Intro): 

I have been on a quest to learn everything I can about leadership obsessed with what makes the best leaders so good. After running companies small and large for the last 20 years, today I speak on stages all across the world to audiences who are interested in that same question. My name is John Laurito and I’m your host. I invite you to join me on this journey as we explore this topic: What makes the best leaders so good? Welcome to Tomorrow’s Leader


All right, welcome to today’s episode of Tomorrow’s Leader, which is on top of a mountain in Boone, North Carolina. Take a look at this view. Wow, it is early in the morning. It is cold. Who said North Carolina was not supposed to get cold? I came from a cold place where I bundled up, freezing my buttookus off. Anyways, I thought, what a cool environment to just share a couple of thoughts. We just passed 100 episodes of Tomorrow’s Leader. I am super excited about that. I want to thank everybody. I’m very grateful for all of you who have been listening and who have given me steady feedback and encouragement because I’ll tell you, it was not easy to get started. It was definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone. I never thought about doing podcasts. 


And it’s been an incredible experience and it’s been a lot of fun. It really has. It’s been sharing a lot of the great stuff that I’ve learned over the years and also getting the chance to learn more from some of the fantastic guests. I’ve had some unbelievable guests on, which has been really cool, building my network, getting a chance to learn from people. I think about all the guests I’m going to be having on coming up and it is just really, really cool. So that’s a whole part of my journey here that I didn’t even expect. I didn’t think that I would even be doing podcasting, yet it’s become a pretty regular part of every week and trying to put out three episodes a week. So hopefully you’ve enjoyed them. And again, I really, really appreciate your feedback. 


And I just think about, you know, as I was sitting here this morning, kind of reflecting on things and being grateful for all the things that have happened and the people that are in my life and all the really, really amazing things that have happened in a short period of time, my whole life has changed. And I think about in this year of 2020, which has been a year, a testing year for everybody, every individual out there has been stretched and pushed and tested in one way or the other. Your whole life has been changed. And it’s been whether it’s

the way you do business, whether it’s the way you live at home, whether it’s relationships, whether it’s health, whether it’s finances, it’s all been changed. 


And we’ve been forced to do things differently and live differently. And what I found is that there are some people that are coming out of this or looking at this right now saying I’m the best version of myself I’ve ever been, and it’s because I mix things up and totally had to force myself to do things differently or think differently. And then there’s people or businesses that have gone the other direction because they’ve kind of been paralyzed or paralysis, so to speak, when they’re not sure what to do. So I just encourage you to take stock and the things that you have, the things that are going well for you to be grateful for the things that you have, sometimes it’s easy to forget all the fantastic things that are going on in our life. If you’re healthy, take stock and that. Be grateful for that. If you’ve got great loved ones around you and great relationships, be grateful for that. You’ve got pretty much what life is all about and that’s people. And that’s the most important thing. 


So with that, I just wanted to encourage you to think and push yourself out of the box, do things differently. This is a growth year. And I look at this past year has been an unbelievable growth year for me personally. I know I’ve worked with a lot of people in a short period of time and seen them do tremendous, tremendous things that they never thought they could do honestly, that they never, ever thought they could do. And they’ve done it. It doesn’t have to be a three or four-year process. Sometimes you can do in three or four months what you thought would take you three or four years to do. And in reality, that’s the fun part of life, I think back to three or four months ago. And wow how different things were, I think about a year ago. We’re now in early December right now. And I think about how different life was last year and would we all have known what our year had in store for us this year? And hopefully, you can reflect on that and say, well, I never thought how great my life could be and how great things have changed personally, professionally, business, health, whatever the case may be. 


So I want to just encourage you to think about that. Think about what the next year, the next month, or even the next week looks like for you. Can you put yourself in push the people around you to do some things differently? And push yourself outside the comfort zone to try something new, whether it’s a hobby, whether it’s a business venture, whether it’s just stepping outside your comfort zone and meeting some new people, whatever it is, get some new people added great people into your life because the people you surround yourself have an unbelievably huge impact on your life and you obviously have a huge impact on the people around yourself. With that said, again, I thank you for listening and bearing with me for one hundred plus episodes. I got a lot more in me, a lot more coming. So stay tuned. Keep your ideas coming, your thoughts, your suggestions, and please subscribe. Share. And of course, review. And most importantly, be grateful. Thanks, everybody. Have a great one. 

John (Closing):

Thanks for joining us on today’s episode of Tomorrow’s Leader. For suggestions, or inquiries, about having me at your next event, or personal coaching, reach me at john@lauritogroup.com Once again, that’s john@lauritogroup.com. Thanks! Lead on!

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