121 - Getting The Most From Talented People - John Laurito

121 – Getting The Most From Talented People

Today’s topic is something that’s very critical for leaders to understand.

I’ve seen different versions of this happening, but ultimately it starts with exactly the same thing — not getting the most from your top members.

In order for A-players to stay in your organization, they need three things: have the opportunity to grow, feel that they’re making an impact, and feel valued and recognized.

If your top players do better, it will create a huge impact because they will raise the bar and set the pace for your entire organization. It will cause a ripple effect for the other team members to emulate.


[0:00] Intro

[0:46] What do you do with the talents you hire?

[1:40] What made me talk about this today?

[4:16] The problems with this scenario

[7:36] Two things that can possibly happen

[8:49] Too many rules or parameters that leaders give their talents

[9:56] Leaders don’t empower their A-players enough

[12:43] Outro

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