My Story: What Got Me Here - John Laurito

“You don’t see the things that you’re gonna see when you’re sitting on the shoreline.”

I am beyond ecstatic to have made it to 100 episodes because statistics have shown that most podcasts don’t make it to more than 30. So in honor of that, today I share my journey into becoming the John Laurito your host of Tomorrow’s Leader. It has been quite a roller coaster, but I am honestly glad to have made that one bold move 9 months ago. Hope you enjoy today’s very special episode.


Show notes:

[0:00] Intro

[0:59] Interesting podcast stats

[4:15] Sharing a very personal story: the changes, the struggles, and the triumph

[7:51] My fascination with leadership books but didn’t know how to use the concepts in real life [9:8] When did the wheels start turning?

[12:1] The three things your A-players needs

[16:34] “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” – Brian Tracy

[19:8] Fast forward to Feb. 14, 2020, and what COVID did to my business

[21:10] How things are going virtually?

[27:31] Where am I now in this podcast venture?

[29:15] Looking back and thinking about how life has changed just because of that 1 step

[34:56] Outro

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